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Im back

2008-04-06 08:59:33 by DjSirah

Well, i have been gone for a good while now..
I havent had any idea of what the heck i should make, all the trance song i tried on, failed.
So.. After alot of trying on diffrent type of songs, i tried out Ambient Chill.
And i think i done it pretty well..

So Dj Sirah is back with his new track: /135520
Check it out bro!

Hello guys

2008-02-02 13:54:25 by DjSirah

Well well well! Yeah, i can start to tell you guys about myself.
Im 13 years old boy.
I have been making music with ACID since i was 12, (i got my computer the christmas when i was about to be 12) so, since then i have been search for loops anywhere.
I have been asking on forums and alot!
Now im sitting here with around 2000+ diffrent loops, idk what to use them for but.. I'll use them once :P
So, I have always loved to listen to music of almost all kinds.
But rock, trance, techno, hip-hop & rap is my favourit style.
I kinda look like a gangster someone has said to me, but dont think over that guys! I dont bite.
What everyone says about me is that im a crazy, funny and good boy xD
Im always in a good mood too - At least almost.. hehe.
So what else can i say? Im using ACID Pro 6.0 and I love it.
if anyone knows where to get some good loops for free, please pm me :P
I can need them.

Dj Sirah -